Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Today I am linking up with 'A Complete Waste of Makeup' for 'It's Ok Thursday'

It's ok...

...that I slept from 12 hours today! (God did it feel good!)

...that I watched 'Teen Mom 2' last night and cried when Corey cried when he found out that his wife Leah cheated on him the week before there wedding.

...that I wrote down recipes from Pinterest and am going to go to the store later and buy the supplies!

...that I still look at houses for sale even though I LOVE the house we built. (I do it just for fun)

...that I tricked the neighbor dog to come over by me so I could pet her (though the neighbor lady came out and yelled at her and it really was my fault :(

...that I told my husband I wasn't going to go shopping today but I didn't say for craft stuff at Michael's ;)

...that I still get jealous when my Mom calls me and tells me she talked to my other 2 sisters today (I like to think I'm the only child she talks to)

...that I'm secretly hoping that my sister-in-law can hold off till next week to have her baby, that way I will have the weekend off I can come meet my new nephew!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I make pinterest recipes ALL the time. It's so fun. And I love looking at houses too, especially 2 million dollar homes I'll never be able to afford hahaha.

  2. I cried when Corey cried too. I was really hoping they would last :(

  3. 1. AH I missed Teen Mom last night!!
    2. Pinterest rules my world.
    3. I need 12 hours of sleep.

  4. i really want to try your fluff from pinterest..any other recipes you are trying? haha and i get the jealous thing :)

  5. 12 hours of sleep? I'm beyond jealous!