Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Did A Little Shopping!

So yesterday I did a little shopping, and here is what I got!!
I'm not sure what this is but I saw it was for $1 so I got had an owl on it :)

Owl Art Work from Target
I got this yesterday (I had ordered it from Amazon) Owl key fabs! (They go over your regular keys) Are you sensing a theme? lol

Got these 2 shirts and Old Navy

Owl place mats from Kohls

Owl table runner from Kohls

Owl towels from Kohls

And Nike can never have enough socks, (ok actually I don't, my dogs rip holes in my socks so I was forced to get new ones lol)


  1. Those owls are precious!!! I have GOT to get some of those key covers! And I am obsessed with Kohls! The closest one to us is 30 minutes away :(

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I don't know what's up with my blog, but i can't reply :(

  2. I love that Owl picture from Target...super cute! and of course all of the other owl stuff...You do have a shopping addiction ;)

  3. Love the owls! Too cute! I almost got the blue shirt from Old Navy. I love that they are getting cute stuff again! :)

  4. There is just something I love about new socks! Not sure why on Earth I get excited over new socks but I do. :)

    Those key fabs are a real hoot. haha. :)

  5. Oh I love the placemats and towels from Kohl's!! So cute. I need to get some fun V-day stuff like that. And love the shirts too!

  6. Love love love all the owls!!! i'm obsessed with them too (gotta credit my sorority for that) I might be taking a trip to kohls soon!!!