Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I hope all you ladies had a great weekend! Just going to give a little recap. Sorry I've been bad on the blogging, I was just being lazy ;)

Friday I went with some friends to a place called Cedarburg. We went to a winery, did some wine tasting, and checked out all the little shops. I'm in love with this city! It's so cute. They have cobble stone sidewalks and cute little shops.

I fell in love with this new wine called 'La Belle V' of course I had to purchase some :)

Saturday we went to go see the movie 'The Hunger Games' of course it was excellent!

*Spoiler Alert* if you haven't read the book I'm about to revile a part!! I cried when Rue died..this movie stayed very close to the book!!

Sunday I had to work, did lots of inventory of jail property. Got the joy of going through inmate underwear, socks, and bras! Also got to see the some episodes of the show Entourage. It's actually pretty funny and the episodes are only a half hour long.

Well that's how my weekend went! What did you guys do? I have the entire week off with my husband! Tomorrow we are going to IKEA and the Mall of America. I can't wait!!


  1. I was a little disappointed with the hunger games movie! It just didn't make me "feel" anything, ya know? Also Adrian Grenier from Entourage was a guest speaker at my school last month! He's very sweet and humble in person!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! IKEA and Mall of America tomorrow?! Wear comfy shoes :)

  3. I have been really bad with blogging lately too!! Cedarburg looks like a cute place and that wine looks really good!!