Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All about my Dogs!

This post is all about my 2 dogs Willow(maltipoo) and Gracie (mini daschund)

We got Willow over 2 years ago when our other dog Nitro (a mini daschund) die unexpectedly. In fact the next day we went and got Willow and this place called Pups N Stuff. I knew the moment I saw him that we had to have him. Willow has such a personality! He is a people dog. He loves everybody! In fact yesterday when I took him out to go potty he ran across the street to say hi to the neighbors. He loves his blankets ans sitting on the top of the couch looking out the window. I call him my 'sugar bear' because he is all white. 

We got Gracie about a 1 1/2 years ago. My husband has a love for mini daschunds. We found Gracie on the web from a lady who was selling her in Oklahoma. We picked her up in Milwaukee and fell in love with her right away. When we got her they had put shredded paper in her crate which was covered in doggie matter. They also put wet food in her crate which she was covered in from the plane ride. Then for the first couple of weeks she was really sick so we took her in to the vet and she had Gardia? After she was put on medication she did a complete 180. We think she came from a puppy mill..not knowing much about the seller I contacted the cities local humane society and then said there wasn't much they could do but they would try. Gracie LOVES to snuggle. She also loves to rip her toys open and pull the stuffing out. Sometimes I call her my 'killer' lol. She LOVES to fact I think she is over weight and the next time we take her to the vet they are going to say she needs to be on a diet. lol. Gracie loves people like Willow but needs time to get to know you first. She's very precouis.

I think what I love most about my dogs is that no matter what they love my husband and I always...good day, bad day, high day, low day, angry, happy, sad..their love is unconditional! Below are some pics of my babies...

Willow and I

My husband and his babies

This picture cracks me up everytime because it looks like Willow is going to attack Gracie.

Super Bowl last year...our family


  1. Aww your pups are so adorable!!

  2. I love them! Miko is like Willow and likes to look outside and he's like Gracie cuz he always eats the stuffingn out of toys too hahaha