Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

So tomorrow (Friday) I scheduled a hair appointment to get all over bright red and bright blonde highlights/lowlights....

I'm nervous and excited! I've never done something like this before but decided I wanted a change. I am getting sick of my hair now...I'm hoping to have it look something like this:

I told my boss last night at work (who does very bold things with her hair...think Kate Gosling) and she said go for can always change it if you don't like it!

Something like this (not the hairstyle the color)
I'm just going to do it...I'm not going to tell my husband either because I want him to be suprised when he sees it! What do you think? I will hopefully be able to take a picture tomorrow and show you guys!


  1. I think it will look cute! You gotta change it up once in awhile, and like you said if you don't like it, you can always change it. :)