Monday, January 16, 2012

Talking about the Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I was just going to talk about mine!

Nothing exciting really happened. I had to work at the jail 6p-6a. I did however get to see the movie 'The Debt'. I wasn't to thrilled to watch it because I didn't think it was going to be good but it turned out to be a good movie!

Nothing really exciting happen on Saturday either. lol. I worked again at the jail but it was my short night 6p-2a.  I watched the Season Finale of 'Six Feet Under' It's a different kind of show, very weird but in a strange way addicting. I'm dissapointed though because they don't have it on Instant Netflix so I wo uld have to buy the seasons but I don't know if I will like the show?! Anyone seen the show? Like it?

Ugh....what to say. I went to my bcf's house (fellow blogger) and we watched the Packer game. I don't know if anyone saw the game but they lost..bad. However with that being said I still love my Green Bay Packers and I still think they had a good year. 15-2 for a record I can't complain. At my cousins we had some really great food too. Packer cupcakes, buffalo chicken dip, cheesy beef dip, veggies, fruit, chips...oh so good! After the sad loss of the Packers...we watched the 'Golden Globe Awards' . It was great to watch and Octavia Spencer won for The help which made me happy and Modern Family won as well.

My cousin and I spent the rest of the night drinking, watching tv and playing words with friends. (That game is ADDICTING!)

Overall it was a good weekend (ok minus working and the Packers losing)
Today I found this awesome app for your Iphone or Ipad. ( I use it for my Ipad because I don't have an Iphone) The app is called 'Cuptake'

I bought it for .99 cents. They have so many cute Ipad backgrounds. I love it. Buy the app if you won't be disappointed! They have owl backgrounds which I love owls! (If you ever know where I can buy anything with owls let me know)

Well that's about it here! Leave me comments! I love to hear from you guys!! :)


  1. Hey thanks for the follow! I met him at a basketball game. Actually, it was because of his mom. I was working the gate and his mom came to it and asked if relation to the coaches got in free. They do, and then she said something else and added "oh yeah he is single too." I saw he was cute, found him on twitter, told him the story, and we've been texting ever since! We've gone out a couple times, but he's a coach so he doesn't have a lot of free time! So far, so good! :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Ooh is The Debt a newer movie? I haven't heard of it before! Also, I would like some buffalo chicken dip. haha.

  3. I've been wanting to see The Debt! It's coming up on my Netflix queue soon. To answer your question on my blog, I really like Ricky Gervais. I'm sure a lot of people weren't thrilled about him hosting the Golden Globes but I think he's funny and I like how he just says whatever he wants to celebrities :)

  4. I had so much fun!!! (despite the pack losing!) can't wait for you to visit again! i have heard of cuptake before...good things. and let me know if you ever decide to start watching "Six Feet Under" from the beginning...I have been wanting to for awhile (but you know this already!)